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Odg.. The last time I updated this blog was almost a year ago and it only had 500 followers and I’m so surprised that it has now 4K.

Thank you for supporting this tutorial blog. I hope that I’m able to help you tho I couldn’t answer some of your messages. Please wait. I’ll update soon. I’m on still on hiatus for now.

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How to put graphics/image in the side of your blog

Do you want to put image/graphics in the side of your blog? Here is the tutorial:

  1. Go to customize> edit html
  2. Copy this code and paste it under <body> tag
  3. You need to find the image you want then, right click on it and click copy image url. (get graphics here)
  4. Paste the image url to the part where it says “image url”
  5. Adjust the height, width and the position by top and left.
  6. Update preview and save!
How to disable ctrl + u

Ctrl + U? This shortcut is allow people to view the source of any webpage. To stop people from stealing or copying your html codes you need first to do this steps:

  1. Disable right click (tutorial here)
  2. If you want you can disable drag/drop selecting of text and photos (tutorial here)
  3. Now, to disable ctrl+ u copy THIS code and paste it under <body> tag.
  4. Update preview and save! Try to use ctrl+u if you can’t see the page source it is bacause the code is working :)

Thanks & credit to: tutorials.oohcamila

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How to add custom fonts

Thanks to the AMAZING Google web fonts. I do not OWN any of these fonts or codes. I am simply just creating a step by step guide to show you how to use them in your tumblr theme.

Step 1: Go to Google web fonts by clicking here. Next you need to choose your font. They have many lovely fonts on there to choose from, once you’ve found one your like click on ‘add to collection’…

Step 2: Now you need to click on ‘use’ which i’ve pointed to in red

Next, the tricky bits…

Step 3: You need to scroll down the page until you see the first code

You need to copy and paste this code in to your theme code right under your <head> tag

Step 4: Now click on @import

Copy and paste this code in to your css coding (underneath style type=”text/css”)

Step 5: Next, click on Javascript.

Copy and paste this underneath your <head> tag underneath where you pasted the first code

Step 6: Scroll down the google web fonts page a little bit more until you find another css code like…

You need to look for your theme coding until you find your ‘body’ criteria with will include font-size, background colour etc… 

You need to replace the font-family:ORIGINAL FONT; with the code from google web fonts like soo…

Save your theme and voila!

(Source: mynameisflicktutorials)

Open link in new tab without hitting right mouse click/disable right click

Copy this: <a href=”url here” target=”_blank”>link name</a>

Paste it your html/description

Request a tutorials now! Hit the ask :)
How to make your own scroll to top (3)
  1. Copy THIS code and paste above the </style> tag (for beginners),or paste it under <style type=”text/css”>
  2. Copy THIS code and paste it before the </head> tag

If you want to change the button to an picture/gif find the url highlighted in yellow in the second code and change it for the one that you want.


If you want to adjust or change the position of your button find the highlighted part and change its position: 

For scroll to top images/buttons click here

(source: tumb1rtutorials)

How to make a Spinning Box?

 hover to be ———>  


  • Copy this code and paste it under <style type=”text/css”> or <style>
  • then this code under <body> tag
(tutorial by tiovani)